Erika Le Roux

Erika le Roux was born into an artistic family in Johannesburg, South Africa. Her first piano teacher was Barbara van Wijk, a teacher who laid a magnificent foundation for the pursuit of musicianship in many young people in her time.
Erika le Roux subsequently continued her studies under the guidance of Dr. Adolph Hallis, a British – South African pianist and fellow of the Royal Academy of Music in London. Adolph Hallis installed a love for the subtleties of sound and texture in accordance with the performance practise of the late romantic and classical modern composers and pianists in his students. This accordingly inspired Erika le Roux to subscribe to the love of playing piano works on older instruments, built around the turn of the 20th century, whenever possible.
Two more significant teachers completed her South African education: the Ukrainian – born Sophia Moshevich and Pauline Nossel, both teachers at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, both of whom contributed significant technical and musical aspects to her pianistic development.
From an early age, Erika le Roux exhibited a great love for chamber music in many different constellations, parallel to her course as a piano soloist. She also developed a great skill as piano accompanist for many different styles of lieder. Accordingly, she developed a prodigious, steadily expanding repertoire of piano music.
She was awarded many prizes at national and international competitions, including the Pretoria, Montevideo and UNESCO international competitions.
After completing her studies in South Africa, Erika le Roux emigrated to Germany, where she has been living and working ever since. Her work in Germany is manifold – drawing on skills learnt as solo pianist, sonata partner, chamber musician and lied accompanist, she covers an extensive kaleidoscope of work.
Erika le Roux has appeared as soloist with numerous orchestras in Germany and South Africa, and appeared in international music festivals, such as the Rheingau and Schleswig – Holstein festivals. She travels extensively as working pianist, and continually expands her field of work.
She started two concert series, which have been running for numerous years now – one in Wiesbaden, and one in Landau in der Pfalz. Both of these series enjoy a definite renommee in these cities.